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Welcome! My name is Margit aka TigaseMann. I create. I create every day. I create my life, create what’s around me, create things that come from my heart. I let out what’s bubbling inside me and hope that my creations bring joy into other people’s life and offer them as much joy as creative process offers me. I like to use different materials, combine them, take working methods and tools used with one material and experiment with them on other materials… There’s so many options that sometimes it feels like a day is too short! My favorite materials are clay and wool, I like to use wire, semi-precious stones and polymer clay to make jewelry, and combine different kind of paper with other materials while designing hand-made cards. A woman like an orchestra, right!

On this web page you can take a look at my creations. I share with you the news, photos of the objects I have made and moments from the creative process. And if you get a feeling, that you would like to take something from my creations home with you, please do not hesitate to contact me – maybe we manage to find something from the pieces already finished or I can try to make something specially for you…

Take a look around here and I hope we will talk soon!


My contacts:

Margit Jaaska
TigaseMann OÜ
Ph: +372 5622 1032

Paldiski mnt 25a
Building D


Some examples of my work:









(please check also the following web page: GALLERY)